Northwest Arkansas source for portable and custom sawmill services.

I am Ryan Powers, owner and operator of NWA Sawmill LLC located in Madison county, Arkansas. This is my family, and a big part of the reason this business exists. I work as a firefighter in Fayetteville, Arkansas full time and run the sawmill in my "spare" time.

Sawmills need lots of helping hands, and I have some good ones.

Several years ago I began building a rural homestead in hopes of providing my children with opportunities to enjoy home-grown meat and produce, have space to run and grow, and a piece of earth from which to build economic options for their futures. During the clearing for the house site, many trees needed to be removed. I had no need for this quantity of firewood, and hated to see the lumber wasted, so I asked a friend of mine with a Woodmizer sawmill to mill some lumber for trim in our new home out of the logs it had displaced. He graciously taught me to use his mill, and a new passion was born. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and working with wood, so I suppose it was a natural fit.

As our homestead began to expand, I realized that the cost of buying the needed lumber for infrastructure was going to add up quickly. At the same time several years of drought had caused the loss of many mature trees on our 28 acres. I decided that rather than watch the trees rot in the forest while I purchased lumber from some big box store, I would invest in a Woodmizer sawmill myself, and begin salvaging my timber.

In late 2015 we were able to purchase an additional 86 acres of adjoining forest land here in Madison County, AR. It is my hope to expand the capabilities of both my homestead and business with this resource. As always things are a work in progress, and everything seems to take longer than I anticipate. Hopefully in the near future NWA Sawmill will begin selling kiln-dried lumber and finished furniture in addition to providing custom milling services. 

I believe in simplicity and economy when possible, and using otherwise waste trees in useful ways is very satisfying to me. I hope to provide you with the same sense of satisfaction when you enjoy products built with your own wood, wood that has history unique to you. Please let me know if I can be of service to your family. Thank you.