Portable sawing for the NWA area

Fresh -sawn Black Walnut crotch with feather grain

NWA Sawmill LLC specializes in custom cutting logs to meet your unique need. Whether you have a fallen tree or a reclaimed barn timber, I can mill almost anything you have into what you need. Logs up to 20' long and 32" diameter can be cut on my Wood-Mizer sawmill.

Unsure just how much lumber might be in those logs? The 1/4" International Log Rule will give you an idea of how many board feet of lumber can be cut from a sound log with our thin kerf band-saw mill. All you need is to follow the link above and grab a tape measure!


Saw Mill Fees

(Changes in fees with new equipment)

Sawing will be charged at $75 per hour with a 4 hour minimum for any portable work. 

On portable jobs there will be a setup fee which amounts to $1.50 per mile, plus a trip fee of $.75 per mile for return trips on extended jobs.   

Sometimes trees, especially around homes or fences, can have ingrown trash, nails, or wire that will destroy a saw blade. Blades significantly damaged due to foreign objects will cost a $25 replacement fee, so please let me know if you suspect ingrown material in the logs.

Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Extra Information:

  • Board-Foot = 1"x12"x12" (1 square foot that is 1 inch thick) of lumber. 
  • Branches should be cut off as closely to the log as possible to facilitate efficient milling
  • Logs should be kept as clean as possible. This reduces the need for excessive cleaning or debarking.
  • Any suspected metal or other foreign objects in the log should be mentioned at the beginning. I have a metal detector for more precise locating of any embedded metal. Trees can and will grow over almost anything with time and can hide these hidden objects well. 
Beautiful Hickory boards with lots of rustic character right off the sawmill!

Beautiful Hickory boards with lots of rustic character right off the sawmill!